Discount Offer to Try Our New Site

UPDATED September 3, 2022: Although these codes below have expired, we may have current Discounts, please join our FaceBook Private Group by searching Canopy Botanicals Private Group on and request to join. Also, consider signing up for our Newsletter at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

We are excited to announce that we are soon to be moving to a new site ( in order to take advantage of additional payment methods, mainly Credit Cards directly on site.  As a highly valued customer, we would like to offer you a Discount Code (25% off – the Code is: 25offcb2) to try out our new site to hopefully ensure everything is working properly.  Although there are bound to be minor fixes that we will improve as we go along, for the most part the new site is ready to go, but before we permanently redirect our current domain to this new server, we would be excited if you would be willing to test it out on a future order (no pressure or rush at all, we’d just like to be sure everything is working properly now, before a plethora of customers begin using this new site.

There are a few things we’d like to make you aware of before you decide whether to take advantage of this Discount offer.

  1. Customer Accounts – recently we have attempted to migrate all customer accounts from our old platform, so HOPEFULLY the same login credentials should work on the new site.  If not, unfortunately it may be necessary to create a new account or just checkout as a guest.
  2. Visa/MasterCard ONLY.  Charges on your statements will appear as “CanopyBotani442037467295”.
  3. This is an International Card Processor based in the European Union.  a small number of customers may experience an unexpected Declined transaction. This is typically due to your Card Issuer blocking it as “unusual activity”. If this occurs, you may have to contact your Card Issuer to inform them that it is a legitimate transaction in order for it to be approved.  More info can be found here: We have tested multiple cards on our end and fortunately these test transactions have seemed to work smoothly.  One thing to point out, we have noticed with a couple of test transactions that additional Pre-Authorizations (Temporary or Pending Transactions) may appear in the amount of $1.  Within hours typically, each of these are reversed and a credit of $1 is displayed cancelling these Pre-Authorizations out.  Once the Transaction is finalized (within 1-3 business days in most cases depending on your card issuer) these disappear completely and only the one actual purchase is displayed on your financial statement.  See attached Screenshot of how this may be displayed on a card statement while ‘Pending’/‘Processing’.
  4. The Billing Address MUST match the Shipping Address for this Credit Card Payment Method.  As of now, the new site forces Billing to equal Shipping, but we are continuing to work on a way to force this only for Credit Cards, while still allowing a different Shipping Address to the usual Alternative Payment methods that we’ve always offered.  Hopefully within a week this will be resolved. PrePaid Cards in most cases are not able to be used internationally.  As usual, we use the strictest Fraud Filters, therefore in order to avoid a Declined Transaction, it is vital that the Billing Address entered (Street Address and Zip Code) match the Billing Address assigned to the card being used.
  5. We will continue offering the usual alternative payment methods (eChecks, Cryptocurrency, etc.).  These should be functional on the new site now (momentarily with forced Billing = Shipping) if you would like to accept this Discount offer but either have trouble with entering a Credit Card (described in #3 above) or simply prefer to use an eCheck or Cryptocurrency instead.
  6. New Restricted Areas for our current Credit Card Processor Include: Tennessee, the City of San Diego, Denver, and Sarasota County, Florida. Although this product can be shipped to Tennessee, due to age restrictions, this Credit Card Processor will NOT allow us to ship to TN. If an order happened to be submitted with the Billing/Shipping Address in TN, it would be auto-refunded, therefore, we’ve added a Payment Method Restriction which should prevent this, but other payment methods are still available to this state.

Feedback is certainly appreciated only if you have the time to let us know of any problems or issues you may run into on the new site.

The Discount Code for 25% off an entire order is: 25offcb2 and is valid through February 14, 2020.  It can be entered on either the View Cart page before proceeding to Checkout OR on the Checkout page in the Order Summary tab just above the Subtotal.  Screenshots attached, please let us know if you run into any difficulties applying this Discount Code.

Thank you as always for your continued business.  It is an honor to serve you, and hopefully we can continue to improve and make shopping with us as easy as possible.  Please let us know of any questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful day!

Alan and the Canopy Botanicals Crew

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