Christmas Closure & USPS/FedEx Holiday Delays 2022

12-20-22 IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT ZELLE. Our Zelle account was closed sometime this morning unannounced. We have hastily setup under another email address. If using Zelle on our website, please update the email address to With many banks, its as easy as clicking Edit Recipient, finding us, and changing the email address. We do not know how long this email will last, hopefully another 4 years, but we do still have a wide variety of payment methods available aside from Zelle transfers. Our apologies for the inconvenience, thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We will be closed for Christmas December 23 through December 26. Some of our staff may be present at our warehouse during this time, but it is not certain that any orders will be shipped during this time.

Please expect Up to 7 Days for some deliveries if couriers experience the inevitable delay on a small percentage of shipments. We are already seeing a number of USPS and FedEx delays sporadically as the holidays approach. The delays may get worse through Christmas and usually returns to normal in mid-January (aside from delays caused by winter weather). Based on our experience, most packages during this time still arrive in the estimated timeframe of 2-4 days after shipping, but a higher than normal percentage (5-10%) will often see a 2 or more day delay during these weeks. FedEx although typically reliable, has experienced a number of delays with their 2-Day service. In my opinion, I still think FedEx is more reliable overall compared to USPS. Sometimes delays can be severe, we’ve seen upwards of 8 or 9 days during this season, but it is still rare. Thank you for understanding and bearing with shipping couriers, we will continue to do our best to have your order packed and handed over to USPS or FedEx promptly, same day until 1:30pm EST.

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