Payment Methods

Edited: 9/3/2022

If checking out from Tennessee and no Payment Methods are visible, please email us at

Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard ONLY)
Currently, we are delighted to be able to accept Visa and MasterCard directly on our site.

IMPORTANT, Please note the following caveats:

We are only able to accept Visa and MasterCard on site at this time.

We are using an International Merchant Processor based in the European Union (EU). The approval rate is over 80%, but a small number of customers may experience an unexpected Declined transaction. This is typically due to your Card Issuer blocking it as “unusual activity”. If this occurs, you may have to contact your Card Issuer to inform them that it is a legitimate transaction in order for it to be approved. Often these days, the Card Issuer may send out a text message confirming whether it was an intentional purchase and ask for a response of “Yes or No”. A small number of Banks may charge an ‘International Processing Fee‘. Normally less than $1, but this policy depends on the Card Issuing Bank and unfortunately is beyond our control.

To our knowledge, most Prepaid or Gift Visa or MasterCards, do NOT allow international purchases. This may not be the case for all PrePaid type cards.

If you experience a Declined Transaction and are unable to resolve it with your card issuer, there is very little we are able to do on our end. It may be necessary to use one of our alternative payment methods. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at: Thank you for understanding.

New Restricted Areas for our current Credit Card Processor Include: Tennessee, the City of San Diego, Denver, Sarasota County, Florida and Union County, MS. Although this product can be shipped to Tennessee, due to age restrictions, this Credit Card Processor will NOT allow us to ship to TN. If an order happened to be submitted with the Billing/Shipping Address in TN, it would be auto-refunded, therefore, we’ve added a Payment Method Restriction which should prevent this, but other payment methods are still available to this state.


We must await verification of eChecks before processing an order. In the vast majority of cases, eChecks are verified electronically nearly instantly similar to Payment Cards. In some cases an eCheck has to be verified manually by our eCheck processor. This can cause delays, typically during banking hours, this takes only up to a few hours, but for orders placed late afternoon or over the weekend, if a manual verification is required, this could cause the order to be delayed until the following business day.


How To Setup A Coinbase Account

Example of Checking out on our site with Cryptocurrency (CoinPayments) and using a CoinBase Wallet to send funds.

For now, we are able to accept payment through a variety of popular Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin). This payment method is integrated directly on our site, which means order statuses are updated automatically once payment is made, there is no delay due to human entry, the only constraint is time to process a cryptocurrency transaction which is typically minimal.

Although Cryptocurrency can seem daunting, but it is fairly easy to use and a new account can be setup in minutes. One can purchase a variety of cryptocurrencies from a secure online platform. Set up an account and use a variety of payment methods to purchase cryptocurrency. From there, on our site, add items to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout as usual. In the Payment Methods section, choose Cryptocurrency and when the order is submitted, the user will be guided through with instructions to pay, which includes a Wallet Address used to send the selected type of Cryptocurrency. There is currently a built in 10% discount for payments made using this method.

Thank you for bearing with us during this time. We do hope to offer additional payment methods soon. If interested, please sign up for our newsletter via the text box at the bottom of our site (and confirm the email address through the automated email which may be filtered as Spam). We will send out a Newsletter when a new convenient payment method is available. We appreciate your business!

Check or Money Order

If preferred, we do accept Checks or Money Orders by Mail. Please make payable to Canopy Enterprise and Mail to:

Canopy Enterprise
PO BOX 12161
Wilmington, NC 28405

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